Friday, June 5, 2009

Both Clamshells Welded In Place

June 5, 2009 - It took a couple of nights but I finally got the right and left clamshells welded into place. I didn't get very good penetration on the right clamshell top spot welds and as a result, they didn't take very well so I had to weld the top and bottom seams to get a nice solid bead. The overall result feels very strong. As you can see, I added the center welds to give additional strength. Can't be too sure when adding an additional 1000 lbs of battery weight to the frame.

I took a little more care on the left clamshell and ground all the weld spots clean. As a result the spot welds held very well. I've ground the welds down for apperance and will coat both of the clamshells with Eastwood's Rust Enacapsulator. Can't photo the left side as its close to the garage wall.