Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A/C Components

May 22, 2012 - I know it's been way too long since my last post and I really have no excuse for such a long lapse. However about 6 weeks ago, I cut my left index finger working on the Targa top seals requiring 11 stitches and it's just now to the point where I can start using it again. Also, about 4 weeks I had laprascopic surgery on my left shoulder and am just getting to the point where I can starting working back on the car.

Now, onto more on-topic and seasonal news. I got a call today from my A/C guy in Texas, Jerry West of European Cooler Air, and he's just about finished with my A/C system for my 914. Now, just an A/C is no big news, an A/C system for a 914 might raise eyebrows, but an A/C system for an EV that has a heat pump for heating is just way too cool. Apologies for the pun but couldn't resist.

Jerry's been working on the system for me for a couple of years now, at least that's when I commissioned him to start work on it. I told him at the time that I wasn't in a big hurry for it. That's also about the time I ordered my Fuel Gauge Driver Plus from Ian Hooper at EVWorks in Australia. As I was ordering, I also came across a 4-way reversing valve cost $175 for A/C systems that can effectively turn your A/C system into a heat pump. So I ordered one of those too and sent it to Jerry in Texas. Big note here for enthusiasts who may want to do this too, you need more than this reversing valve to complete the system. But here's a pic of the reversing valve from Ian's web site:

Near the same time as commissioning Jerry for the A/C system, I ordered the Sierra 05-0434Y3 electric compressor kit from Revolt Electric Vehicle Components for about $1200 including the controller and wiring harness. Here's a pic of the compressor from the side and top:

After talking to Jerry recently, it would appear that the Sierra 05-0434Y3 compressor with a max 6500 BTUs is too small for the rear condenser rated at 19000 BTUs. Am going to try and see if Revolt won't take it back and replace it with the SIERRA 05-0982Y3 rated at 14300 BTUs. Anyhow, here's a shot of the entire system as it sits in Jerry's A/C lab:

Here's a three-quarter perspective:

Here's a close-up of the 4-way reversing valve from EVWorks downunder:

Yet another close-up but also showing another valve needed for the heat pump:

And finally, a close-up shot of the rear A/C condenser with two fans:

Jerry has also indicated that another condenser is needed for the evaporator (for heat mode) when the pressure/heat builds up and needs to be cooled down. I'm thinking this condenser can be placed in the gas tank cavity up in the front trunk and then we'll need to suck some outside air via a ducted fan to blow over the condenser.