Friday, November 21, 2008

Pedal Assembly Removal

November 9, 2008, Took a couple of hours to remove the pedal board and then the pedal assembly. Thirty years of gunk built up on the pedal assembly along with some rust. Will definitely have to rebuild with new brass bushings, brake and clutch springs, and pedal pads. Will have to perform some rust remediation on the interior pedal assembly area as well as the exterior master cylinder area as shown in the photos. The pictures shown here were taken after the master cylinder was removed on November 16th.

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Anonymous said...

Suggestion: area has to be absolutely clean of hydrocarbons, then sandblast, then use H3PO4 (phosphoric acid)with a low pressure pump not affected by the acid. make your own nozzles. each 15 degree temp increase doubles rate of reaction. will easily destroy concrete floors. Scuff paint with 400 grit silicone carbine powder use tooth brushes, soap & water bend handles with heat gun - cut off half bristle height Use short bristle 1/4" gouger brushes for corners Grow your own zinc with Parker/Anchem Galvaprep. Coat with 3M 8804 (toughens with age) then use cosmoline or skip 8804 (lighter) Make your own curved sandblast nozzles, acid & cosmoline nozzles, and 8804 nozzles shine light into a mirror to view hidden passages or use pc alternatives. Hang magnesium anodes everywhere, chassis electrification may interrupt electronics. H3PO4 will do work for you just set it and forget - caution check flow pattern into catch basin or will affect car or destroy floor Best of luck.