Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rear Suspension Installed

June 6, 2010 - Didn't get a enough accomplished over Memorial Day weekend that warranted a new post but this past weekend, I definitely did. After pouring over numerous threads on about working with the polygraphite bushings that go into the trailing arms, I finally decided to operate on mine. I had previously ordered the bushings from for $70; a set of 4, 2 on each trailing arm. One positive thing I can say about Pelican Parts, is that they ship really fast.

The polygraphite bushings are notorious for squeeking so I made sure that I did what most of the threads advised. I took a wrasp and filed off enough inside of each bushing so that the large pin that fits in them does not bind very much. I initially had to press one in and then read that this was way too tight. Once I was able to push the pin into place, I was able to determine that I needed to file off about 1/8" off each bushing end so that the pin protrudes enough to make contact with the susepnsion ear and the control arm bearing; metal on metal, not bushing on metal. I then cut 4 small grease channels into each bushing with a hack saw blade and painted the inside and channels with Permatex anit-seize lubricant.

Here's how the bushings fit into the traing arm and the pin fits into the bushings:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that earlier in the week I had new $50 bearings per trailing arm pressed in at my favorite Tire Kingdom store. I also had the guy take out and press in new races into the front brake rotors. All total, the guy charged me $25 for labor; all things considered, money well spent.

Finally after prepping the bushings and inserting the pins, I was ready to install the trailing arms. After multiple trial installations, I was able to mount the trailing arms into the suspension ears and control arm bearings. The control arm bearing is also where the shims are added if you need to add camber. I also installed the strut assemblies too which had been previously assembled with new 180 lb springs from Pelican Parts $136/pair and new Boge heavy duty shock absorbers $98/shock previously purchased some time ago.

And here they are, left trailing arm and strut assembly:

And right trailing arm and strut assembly:

I'm going to tackle the front suspension next weekend.

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