Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brake Calipers Installed

August 1, 2010 - It's been three weeks since my last post. Been kind of lazy lately. However, I have been designing the mid-engine compartment wiring over the last couple of weeks. As I have been following ElectroAutomotive's VoltsPorsche installation manual, my design is beginning to differ somewhat as I am going to incorporate Metric Mind's EVision metering system, see my June 17th post.

Today, though, I have been able to install both front and rear calipers. I have updated the front calipers with 1981 BMW 320i calipers which supply almost 50% more brake pad surface area. The BMW calipers are a good bit larger but fit almost perfectly. I purchased a pair from someone on for about $200 over a year ago. They had already performed the slight machining required and refurbished them too.

Here's the left front:

And the right front:

And of course, don't forget the brake hoses.

Here's the new left front brake hose:

And the new right front brake hose:

I refusrbished the rear brake calipers myself with a kit from Automotion or Pelican Parts can't remember. I did use the tech notes from Pelican Parts though and it was extremely helpful. I used a copper colored high-temperature spray paint from Lowe's for about $8/can, brake caliper paint was quite expensive about $30-40 if I remember correctly. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I installed the rear rotors too. Believe it or not, they're held in place by two machines screws each.

Here's the right rear caliper:

And the new right rear brake hose:

Here's the left rear caliper:

And the new left rear brake hose:

I have also refurbished the rear swaybar. I wirebrushed it, rust encapsulated it, and then spray painted it with black enamel. I did the same to the swaybar links too.

Here's the rear swaybar and right link:

And the rear swaybar and left link:

Closeup of left rear swaybar link and new link bushings:

And right rear swaybar link and new link bushings:

Here's a brand new rear swaybar bushing:

And a full view of the rear swaybar and links:

I just need to find the rear caliper brake fittings to the brake hose and install them. Also need to install the front fittings from the master cylinder along with the brake reservoir and fittings to the master cylinder. More next weekend. Caio!

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I just found your project.
I have a completed 914 with the lead acid batteries and can tell you how it runs (very well, actually) KArl,