Thursday, June 4, 2015

Amost finished!

Jun 4, 2015 - Ive completed much work on the vehicle since my last entry.  The car is now officially drivable now that I have a working dc/dc converter (recharges utility battery from traction pack).  However, I do admit to some apprehension about making it a daily driver.  I took it for a half-way to work drive (~10mi) about a month ago and while I did return safely, I did learn a number of things. The most important being is that while having great oomph! off the line, it gets spongy on the top end. If I want to get better acceleration, I need to upshift.

I've completed the following on the vehicle to date:
  • Moved controller from bottom of the rear firewall to top of the same
  • Added gauges to the console
  • Replaced dc/dc converter; old one never worked
Besides being road-worthy, it needs to be weather-worthy.  Even though I have new seals all the way around, there is much weather-proofing to be completed to make this a daily drivable car here in central Florida.  My biggest concern is with the engine cover that is partially grille and slightly exposes the batteries.

The pictures below were taken back on March 8th.

The silver object is the dc/dc converter.

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