Sunday, May 2, 2010

Painting Finished - Headlights Installed

May 2, 2010 - I have finally finished painting the vehicle. Woohoo! I had to buy more paint from Sherwin Williams Automotive and was able to put another coat on the interior and two coats on the hellhole/transaxle area. She really looks great now, inside and underneath.

Here's the hellhole firewall; looking very clean:

Here's the ceiling of the transaxle area:

Here's a left view of the hellhole area:

And a right view of the hellhole area:

I went thru two bad headlight motors and two relays, luckily I had six, and it took 4 hours in total to get the right headlight and motor installed correctly but it definitely works. I had to buy another headlight assembly off eBay to get the actuator lever and couple other related parts to install the left headlight assembly but finally got it intalled. The assemblies are black from coating with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator. They were terribly rusty but with a lot of painstaking labor, I was able to restore them. You can also see the almost new chrome headlight rings that I got off eBay for $10 with shipping.

I also ordered new taillight housing seals from eBay vendor 914rubber and installed both assemblies.

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