Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Motor Mounting Issue

March 29, 2011 - I meant to post this on my Sunday's blog but just as well to have a separate post for the myriad of people that will be just be looking at this issue for me.

The problem is that the mounting holes on the front side (non-transmission) of the motor for the motor mount are not parallel to the horizontal (ground). I ordered this motor mount from EA about 2 yrs ago and will just assume that its a total waste of time to even bother contacting them about it.

Here's a shot of the entire assembly. Note the top of the transmission profile plate in the background.

Here's a close up of the front of the motor:

Now bare in mind that the transmission profile plate can only be mounted in four distinct positions in relation to where the terminal posts are located. As you can see above, they are located on the left and down as to be closest to where the controller will be mounted.

So the motor mount holes are off about 30 degrees. I can think off several options here to resolve this issue but would like any/all to weigh in.

  • Can the front cap plate be rotated to the correct position? Or can it be locked in at only the two distinct angles? I probably need to talk to either Netgain or Jon at Grassroots EV from whom I purchased the motor.

  • Fabricate a new motor mount that will fit the existing holes. Another PITA.

  • Drill two new holes and tap them on the motor end cap. Ughhh!!

  • And the resolution, drill the motor mount with new holes that line up on the end cap. Doh!

So if any of you can tell me what the best approach is, I'd really appreciate an e-mail at hartpenn@verizon.net


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