Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mounting Issue Resolved

April 6, 2011 - I was able to resolve the motor mounting issue by having additional holes drilled. Apparently, whoever EletricAutomotive used to fabricate the motor mount, they drilled the holes backwards or in a mirrored state. I measured and marked mirrored bolt holes into the motor mount and took it to Dick Warren's Machine Works here in Tampa where they drilled the new holes for $5. As you can see, the holes aligned perfectly.

I purschased new tranmission mounts from Pelican Parts for $23/each, 2 required along with new angled speedometer drive for $97 and new backup light switch for $85. I also ordered a new transmission ground strap for $14 and a gallon of Swepco transmission fluid for $54. Altogther, the order amount was about $300. Ouch, ouch, and did I say ouch?

So, only things left to do before mounting the motor/transaxle assembly is to mount the pot box and emergency breaker and wire up the control circuits. A little more work but hopefully something I can do over the next several days so I can mount the assembly this weekend.

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