Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Targa Top Vinyl and Front Trunk relay Wiring

September 6, 2011 - It has been a busy week and I wanted to make sure I blogged about all of it. It took me a while to obtain most of the polished aluminum trim pieces for the targa sail but I finally got the last piece from AutoAtlanta last week.

I tried to obtain some better rear sail trim pieces but haven't been successful. These are the curved pieces that are very expensive at $200 or better a piece so I've ve decided to make do with the ones that I have. Apparently the previous owners of the two pair that I do have didn't know about the inner clip with a bolt that goes thru the wheel well and a nut that screws on from underneath. They used screws thru the aluminum into the frame. Ouch!

I also ordered the sail vinyl from 914 Appearance and Performance. They have the sail vinyl for $25. I received the vinyl a couple of weeks ago and the pieces fit perfectly.

Here's a very detailed writeup of how to install the vinyl sail on 914world.com forum.

I started with the sail top and used 3M spray glue and sprayed criss-cross both top and vinyl. My neighbor Gene helped me to hold the long vinyl piece while I slowly pressed it onto the sail top. It went on fairly easily.

I then went on to one of the sails. Sprayed it and the vinyl with glue and then slowly pressed on the vinyl. Like i said before, the cut vinyl fit perfectly. I only had to cut slits to get it to lay down flat in the curve.

Here's a shot of the right side sail. There are actually four trims pieces that outline the sail. The one on the left is the expensive curved piece. The one on the top is a short piece. The one on the right also holds the vertical targa to window seal. And finally the one on the bottom is a thin piece that can also be expensive.

Here's a shot of the sail top. The trim piece on the left runs the entire length of the sail or roll bar. Its held in place by three very unusual loking clips that I also had to purchase from AutoAtlantaut was very necessary.

Here's the left side sail. You can actually make out the texture of the vinyl in this shot. If you look closely enough, you can see the rust bubbling in the lower left part of the sail. It the same story on the right side sail too. Apparently, the previous owner did not kill the rust on the inside of the sails priot to painting them. In an effort to get the car on the road as soon as possible I have decided not to remediate this rust issue at this time.

Here's a better shot showing both left side sail and sail top. If the sails didn't have the rust, I wouldn't have covered them in vinyl.

Here's a nice shot of newly installed windshield and covered sail.

And a final shot of the rear showing how the curved trim pieces cover up the ends of the long rear trim piece.

Now onto the front trunk relay board wiring. The relay board consists of five relays, terminal block, and six fuse gang block. The relays consist of: 1) Off-board charger interlock, 2) On-board charger interlock, 3) Key Switch relay, 4) Windshield washer pump relay, and 5) Electric Antenna motor relay. The components were mounted onto a clear lucite panel that mounts onto the front battery box.

Here's a shot of the nearly completely wired:

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