Monday, September 5, 2011

Windshield Install

September 5, 2011 - It's been a month since my last blog entry but not for lack of activity. Wednesday of last week, I had Frank Fountas of C Thru Glass and Security Films, a classic/custom car installation specialist referred by the Glass Doctor, come and install the teener's windshield and rear window.

I was quite anxious about the install due to great difficulty I incurred in acquiring the windshield. This was the fourth windshield that I had shipped. The first three were broken in transit. But Frank reassured me that the install would be routine given a fairly straight frame. It turned out the frame was about perfect.

Once Frank and his assistant arrived and introductions made, it was stricly business. They both went to work on the car. They started out by taping off the windshield frame:

Here's a shot of the rear window frame prior to installation.

Here's Frank cleaning up the windshield:

The windshield frame totally taped off:

Here they are applying the black urethane prep to the frame:

Continuing to apply the black urethane prep:

Installing the foam rubber seal:

Continuing to install the foam rubber seal:

More foam rubbber seal:

Close up of left top corner:

Closeup of left bottom corner; you can see the lower windshield to dash seal sitting on top of the foam rubber windshield seal:

Test fitting the windshield:

Checking for a good seating all the way around:

Plugging the holes from the plastic blocks that secured the original chrome trim in place:

Continuing to the plug the chrome trim plastic block holes:

Fitting the new windshield chrome replacemen​t rubber seal:

Continuing to fit the new windshield chrome replacemen​t rubber seal:

Cutting off the new windshield chrome replacemen​t rubber seal excess:

Perfect fitment of the new windshield chrome replacemen​t rubber seal:

Adding a fine bead of urethane to the rubber seal:

More fine beads of urethane to rubber seal:

Adding urethane to the windshield frame. Frank told me that urethane has an adhesive strength of 400 lbs/sq in. This is how the windshield frame of new cars is the part of the structural intregrity of the frame.

Finally mounting the windshield:

In she goes:

Light tapping to ensure a good seating:

More pressure to squeeze the urethane into places it ought to go:

Now a final inspection to ensure a tight seal:

Checking the inside for excess urethane. Looking pretty good.

Prepping the rear window frame:

Installing the rear window:

Pressing the window into the urethane for a good seal:

Cleanup work:

The front windshield looks awesome:

Rear window looks great too:

Closeup of rear window showing the engine deck lid seal. This was installed prior to the window install.

Isn't she awesome?

I am very glad I had a pro install the windshield and rear window. Not only did they come to me but their prices were more than reasonable, $95 for the first hour and $55 for every hour after that. The total install time was less than one and a half hours and under $120. Wow!!! Here's Frank's business card.

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